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Rye Brook Wine Cellar

This project converted an underutilized crawl space into a modern wine cellar. The space was built around the existing rocks, blurring the line between nature and home. Sleek LED lighting was used, creating a timeless space focused on sustainable practice. In order to mitigate heat loss, the space is insulated and has an airtight seal around the door. To reduce the amount of material wasted, reclaimed wood lines the exterior walls of the space. This project was made possible through collaboration with Vindegard who designed the stainless steel wine racks. Since the home is a mid-century modern split-level design, there are stairs that cut into the crawl space. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the stairs are designed with clear panels as the risers which allow views into the wine cellar from the main living space of the home.


3D Model


Before and After