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Mamaroneck Residence

This project focused on transforming a split-level dining and living area with many tripping hazards; and a small kitchen, into one cohesive and expansive space. Taking down the dropped ceiling and the walls around the kitchen; and combining the three floor levels into one, allowed for the kitchen to move into the larger living area and create a natural flow between the previously separated rooms. Large and symmetrical windows were installed to provide ample light for the kitchen as well as expansive views of the outdoors. Custom white cabinetry with Jack Pine Green accents redefine the perimeter of the space and make the whole house feel more bright and spacious. The other objective of the project was to connect the public spaces in the front of the home, to the backyard using a deck/path along the left side of the house. This design feature created more safety for the home as the previous connection had faulty concrete and paver steps that had become danger to the home owners and their children.


3D Model


Before and After