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Harlem Residence

This residence was in a co-op building in the center of Harlem and was located on the 4th floor; which gave it a great stance to receive a lot of natural daylight. By removing walls and introducing bright surfaces the natural light was allowed to filter deeper into the residence. The kitchen and bathrooms needed to be renovated to fit the owner's modern taste and to achieve a more open plan and expansive environment. The master bathroom was originally separate from the master bedroom and didn't serve the client's needs well; so walls were removed to lengthen the space in the bedroom. In doing this we had more room to play with and were able to achieve a very spa-like experience for the client. The bathtub sat within the space of the shower and the double vanity sink extended into the bedroom. Brick walls were revealed throughout the residence and became a theme of color and texture throughout. 


3D Model


Before and After