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Bronxville Residence

This residence was situated at the top of a hill, in a building built in 1929. As is typical of the time period, the space was compartmentalized with each room divided by thick partition walls, making it feel a bit closed off and dark. In order to modernize the space and make it feel more expansive, the walls that divided the kitchen, dining room and living room were removed allowing more daylight to filter into the space to lessen the electrical load for lighting. The bathroom was made larger by lengthening the space into the existing hallway, allowing room for a second sink and a jetted tub. The walls of the bathroom were tiled in a light-colored marble, while the back wall used a darker gray, glass tile to create the illusion of a deeper space. The entire condo was brightened by new recessed lighting with colorful pendants over the bar-height seating. A new modern fireplace surround was added to anchor the space and give it a more broad and modern feeling.


3D Model


Before and After